DIY: Terrazzo Planters

Terrazzo is trending big time right now, we’re seeing this pattern appear on floors and backsplashes and counters too. Terrazzo wallpaper is another way to add this abstract pattern to any space, but I put a little twist on it with this planter project. I used a terrazzo pattern peel and stick wallpaper to make these planters, it is layered over IKEA rectangular planter bases. So easy!

You can use these vessels as more than planters, they make creative bases for special occasion gifts too. Simple steps below! I started with the rectangular white planter and a narrow strip of the terrazzo wallpaper that I cut with scissors. To avoid bubbles, wrap one side at a time very slowly, this makes it easier to smooth them out. Trim paper in corners with scissors where necessary along the back to get the wallpaper to wrap around evenly.

Using scissors create slits in the corners so the wallpaper folds over and covers the top few inches of the planter. For the angled square planter I wrapped it in paper like you’d wrap a bouquet of flowers, using a full width piece of wallpaper, allowing it to attach to the paper as I rolled it across the length of the sticky surface. Again, cut slits in the corners to allow the paper to fold inside the planter.