European vacation destinations you can visit without testing restrictions this summer

Bulgaria’s latest border rules are as fresh as a newly-prepared shopska salad (the country’s sumptuous national dish). Which is to say, as of May 1, the Bulgarian government lifted all restrictions on travelers entering the country. On top of that, visitors no longer have to adhere to any domestic COVID-19 restrictions, either. “Our country has been in an extraordinary epidemic situation for almost two years, but at the moment, the situation is being monitored and managed in a predictable way,” the government announced in April. “There is no need to maintain restrictions on citizens and businesses.”

Croatia lifted all travel restrictions effective May 1, effectively returning the country to “pre-pandemic times”. “All travelers entering Croatia can now do so under the same conditions of entry that were in force before the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e with valid travel documents,” the country’s tourist office said. Darija Reic, director of the tourist board’s U.K. office, told TPG it’s well-positioned for the summer travel season, with flight service returning and the tourism sector prepared. “With a number of new hotels, restaurants, and events confirmed for this summer, Croatia is set for a strong season ahead,” Reic said.

April 9 was the Czech Republic’s day of travel freedom, as the country’s government lifted all restrictions on visitors seeking the restorative pleasures of “Czechia’s” natural, architectural and cultural treasures.” “The Ministry of Health repealed the existing protective measures with regard to the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic and abroad,” the ministry’s statement said. U.S. visitors — along with all others, too — can now arrive in the Czech Republic without any restrictions.

The people of Denmark took up the vaccine with a level of enthusiasm unmatched by most other European nations. As a result, Denmark became the first country in Europe to do away with all domestic restrictions in February. Then, on March 29, the country dropped all testing requirements for international visitors. “Since March 1, 2022, the only remaining COVID-19 entry restriction has been a requirement for testing within 24 hours of entry into Denmark for persons who have not been vaccinated … This requirement will be lifted at midnight … after which there will no longer be COVID-19 restrictions on entry into Denmark,” the announcement said.